Where have I been?

in short: working.

The long story is I got a boyfriend, a new job, I bought my first house and suddenly everything optional thing such as blogging, seeing anyone outside of my city, it all went out the window. I do have a few new posts written up for you though and some other stuff in the pipe line. I'm going on holiday this month too so I'll be able to take some lovely outfit posts and hopefully one weekend shoot a work look book. The blog is going to change a little and become less fashion, as the days are shorter and darker, and become more lifestyle and beauty based until christmas at least. For now I'm going to try to post once a week if I can and then go from there.

Anyone that wants to re-design my blog for me that would be amazing, I can pay too - email me at alicetanswell@gmail.com :)


Review | Dr Beckmann Starch & Easy Iron Spray*

This may seem like a really odd thing to review but seriously as a person that has to wear suits every day to work, ironing has become a weekly chore. Anything which can make my life easier short of disposable shirts or hiring a maid is very much welcome here!

The Starch & Easy Iron spray is a new product. The concept is really simple. Starch = stiff neat shirts. This does exactly that. Simply spray the shirt, dress, whatever it is you're about to iron with the spray and then iron. Now ironing is boring but this honestly has shaved about 10 minutes off an hours worth of clothes and it means I still look pretty smart by the end of the day rather than looking lime a crumpled mess by the time i've got to work.

Now this isnt perfect, probably mostly down to me not being very good ironing (who really wants that as a skill on their cv) but this really does take the effort level needed down a peg or two.

Well done Dr Beckmann!

Keep reading this weekend as I have a little competition being launched :)