Update | Things have changed

Things have changed.

I plan for more things to change and to carry on changing. Three weeks ago I started a new job. More than a new job, a career. A big girl jobby I call it. I don't work 9-5, I don't just clock in and out. Most nights I'm up till 11 working before getting up to leave the house at 8am. I am not complaining. But blogging has sadly taken a back seat these past three weeks. This will change, I promise you. I will find more ways to use my time efficiently. No doubt I'll start using some of my weekend to write, take photographs and generally be more productive now I'm becoming more used to working longer, day time, hours.

So things have changed. But I promise I'm not gone forever, just maybe not so regular but I'd honestly rather only blog 4 times a month  with well thought out and well written posts than 4 times a week and it be complete rubbish. I'm hoping that you agree.

Till next time!

Guest Post | Getting Your Spring Shine by Emma Banks

Getting Your Spring Shine
With spring just around the corner, it's time to think about making the switch from parkas and snow boots to tank tops and flip-flops. Is your skin ready to make its warm weather debut? I know for me personally winter always does a number on my skin. Creams and moisturizers can make a difference but if you really want to see a change look at your diet. Proper nutrition is instrumental in skin health and they key to looking beautiful from the inside out. Here are a few super simple diet tips to get your springtime skin ready to shine.

"C" the Difference

One of the best ways to support your skin nutritionally is to make sure your diet includes lots of Vitamin C. Vitamin C supports collagen production, which is the support structure for your skin. Stronger skin equals a smoother surface and might help prevent premature wrinkling. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables like strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and bright peppers to increase your Vitamin C consumption. I love getting creative with my fruit as well. Fruit salads and smoothies are great ways to get ample servings and fruit salsa makes a wonderful snack for when you’re working.
Go to the Dark Side
Chocolate lovers take heart: the treat we all love to savor is chockfull of health benefits. Dark chocolate, specifically 70% cocoa or higher, has a high concentration of flavonoids, which have been shown to do everything from protecting skin from UV damage to increasing blood flow to warding off free radicals. Plus, cocoa has also been proven to reduce stress, which is a win-win for skin and heart health. I’m not saying to eat three chocolate bars a day but a moderate amount of dark chocolate each day is completely fine.

Quench Your Thirst

One of the least expensive beauty secrets around is just a sip away---water. Because the body is composed of mostly water, it's crucial to stay hydrated. Doing so will make skin appear brighter, clearer, and more supple. Plenty of H2O also flushes toxins from the body and "plumps" skin cells, which provides the skin with a radiant glow. They say 8 cups a day is the proper amount. Personally I set alarms for myself in order to stay on track. My co-workers all make fun of me when I am viciously chugging water at my desk because I am behind schedule but I can already notice a huge difference.

Isn't it nice to know that lovely springtime skin is only one bite (or sip) away? Short weather is so close you can almost smell it. So get the jump now and start working towards beautiful skin. Here's to looking and feeling fabulous this season!