Outfit | Throwbacks with Newlook

Everyone has a dress they just can't bear to be without, throw away or retire. New Look asked me what my throwback dress was and it was this one, a tight t-shirt dress in black from Asos. It may not look like much but its such a simple design that it pretty much fits every occasion.

Closet Black 3/4 Sleeve Waffle Texture Skater Dress* - New Look
Boots - Topshop
Rings - New Look
Gel Polish - Crystal G

Thanks to New Look I now have an updated version, the Closet Black 3/4 Sleeve Waffle Texture Skater Dress* This dress is the perfect dress for me. Im currently not loving my weight gain, mostly due to lots of food and this style hides lots of my currently dislikes. Arms, tummy and most of my legs are covered by this slinky number. I love the cut of the neck, the 3/4 sleeves and the skirt, as I'm sure you can tell.

I paired the dress with some trusty ankle boots as these photographs we're taken in the Lakes last weekend by my wonderful boyfriend. He's pretty nifty with a 50mm.

Let me know what dress is your throwback and if you like my new one!

Update | Things have changed

Things have changed.

I plan for more things to change and to carry on changing. Three weeks ago I started a new job. More than a new job, a career. A big girl jobby I call it. I don't work 9-5, I don't just clock in and out. Most nights I'm up till 11 working before getting up to leave the house at 8am. I am not complaining. But blogging has sadly taken a back seat these past three weeks. This will change, I promise you. I will find more ways to use my time efficiently. No doubt I'll start using some of my weekend to write, take photographs and generally be more productive now I'm becoming more used to working longer, day time, hours.

So things have changed. But I promise I'm not gone forever, just maybe not so regular but I'd honestly rather only blog 4 times a month  with well thought out and well written posts than 4 times a week and it be complete rubbish. I'm hoping that you agree.

Till next time!