Competition | Go anywhere in the UK!

Happy weekend everyone! 
I have some amazing news for you all. Thanks to Travelodge you can win a night in a hotel just by following the steps below. The competition will run for two weeks and anyone can win so please do enter. 

This all came about when Travelodge contacted me and being fond of the chain, as theres one everywhere and they're such good value for money I jumped at the chance to offer this to all of you. I actually stayed in a Travelodge in Edinburgh for my birthday back in june. I was meant to be going to Barcelona but due to strikes ended up just a little bit up north as Travelodge had been kind enough to credit our manchester booking for us. Now I love edinburgh but not the hotel prices, so it was perfect for us to have a little break.

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Once the competition is over then I will pick a winner at random and then send their details to Travelodge who will organise the prize!

Good Luck :)

Review | Kate's Cakes

I've always had a sweet tooth and nothing appeals to me more than afternoon tea! As a blogger, I know this isn't a rare or new thing; we pretty much live for teas, coffees and tasty treats from our favourite cafes. It was easy to accept this lovely set from kate's Cakes*. Its not a brand i'd heard of but the idea of free cake always goes down well.

The box arrived and I pretty much squealed. It was large, gold and tied with ribbon (not pictured, the cat nabbed that pretty quickly and ran away to hide it in his bed) filled with many more treats than I had anticipated. Two boxes of cake squares*, two mugs, tea & a cake stand. Everything we needed for an afternoon treat.

The cakes come individually wrapped, perfect for someone like me that has problems with portion control and who likes to take treats to work (mostly to avoid going to the cafe opposite my office and eating an entire apple pie). This means they will not only last for ages if you wanted to just have a weekly treat, but stay beautifully moist and be enjoyed exactly as they were intended.

The cakes themselves we're Lemon Drizzle Cake Squares & Chocolate Fudge Cake Squares. The Lemon drizzle was a zingy, light, wonderful cake. The type I could eat all day if I'm being honest. The perfect balance between bitter lemon and sweetness. The chocolate Fudge Cake was a gooey, although not too gooey, rich heaven. Topped with chocolate curls as well, the cake was just the right size to not over do it. I personally can find chocolate cake a bit too much at times, but this was lovely.

The tea was english breakfast, my favourite tea and the mugs and the cake stand were the perfect accompaniment to the cake. I have a china cake stand, but this means I can show off more cakes when I need to and the mugs are always a welcome addition to my new home (I bought a house two months ago and we only have 4 of everything. Four plates, four bowls etc.)

In the future I would buy, eat & enjoy these cakes again and would try the rest of the range*. You can buy anything from these squares, to wedges and whole cakes for special occasions!